The Cryptic Cat begins in ancient Egypt and ends in present day California. In Egypt, a young girl, Mina, and her cat stowaway on a boat traveling down the Nile. Their adventurous trip takes them to the city of Bubastis, where they witness the cat festival. More than 2,000 years later, another young girl, Iris, unwittingly releases good and evil forces attached to an ancient Egyptian necklace. The good force is embodied in a cat mummy. The evil force is embodied in the donkey-headed Egyptian god, Seth. When the necklace is stolen, Iris enlists the help of her mischievous friend, Sean, and the Egyptian cat to get it back.
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The Cryptic Cat
written by Susan Simon Corwin
illustrated by Stuart Corwin

The Cryptic Cat is written for middle grade level. Hard Cover, 99 pages, with 10 illustrations in color. ISBN: 0-9790632-0-5. Price is $24.95 plus $4 shipping. Please email for non-US shipment.

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The Cryptic Cat
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